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I must be getting old, or maybe sense:  i seem to have developed a loathing of politicians for some reason just recently.

Old Dubya's getting edgy
He's only four more years
To win his war on terror.
Exploit his people's fears,
Fight for all he's worth,
Maybe they'll forget
The polluting of the earth.
The world's only super power
Pouring CO2 into the air:
Maybe global warming
Doesn't happen over there.
In the land of the brave,
The good old U S of A,
Pretend it doesn't happen
And it will go away??
Let's whip a few more asses,
For as good ol' Dubya says
There aint a price too high
For the democratic way;
(And to the victor
Goes the spoils
Now we're running out
Of home grown oil).

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