Man about town

chained in here,
hands  they cuffed
been trying forever,
to get out
its never enough
and people could pass
knowledge or
just pass you by
not even glancing up
realizing theres other eyes
Their spinning
round, they're own
little walls
and us,
well were sipping it away
ever present alcohol
it shapes ya
into containers, you didn't realize
be jammed in like that
the way she works
way she always had
giving sun, and taken away
all she is- understand
And the man said he wasn't there
to hurt me, or
bring pain my way
said it'd be easy,
mis conceptually understanding the Gods
that don't work for me
their tied round other leashes
we just spectate
whining, yelling, screaming bloody murder
as they play on
for our entertainment
don't you get it?
Its just a shine,
from the moon up on high
given her warmth
as to corrode our minds
born under a sun
with a sign thats changed names
He went away to Jerusalem
taking on different tasks

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