Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith

A Special Kind Of  Blood

Mary as you felt your baby grow
you knew He was special
an angel told you so.

You celebrated for three months
joy and happiness abounded inside
a baby boy--
one of a Godly kind.

You cherished each moment
of this blessed event
knowing in a few months
You would give birth to a Divine Gift.

His blood--
like no other--
who lived upon the land
placed there by--
a special Holy Man.

You nursed Him in His baby years
cared for Him as a young Man
He was gifted in every way--

healing the sick, lifting up the lame,
and performing many miracles
in His Father's Holy name.

You knew--
He was like no other--
who lived upon the earth
as He tugged His cross to Calvary
and gave His life for all of us.

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A Special Kind Of Blood

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