Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith

My Namesake


A tiny mouse climbed up my dress
gave me a smile as he performed a test.
He wanted me to jump and scream
so he could finish with his scheme.

I'd placed a cake on the window sill,
he was getting ready for his big deal.
He got tangled up in my hair
hanging in my face - he gave me a stare.

Why he was cute as he could be,
he could have had all the cake for free.
I place my hands around his neck,
then I thought, oh heck,

I want him to be my pet.
He can live in my house and be well-kept,
I gave him a wink and blew him a kiss,
before I knew it, I'd got him a dish.

We sit at the table eating cake,
he waits every day for a new bake.
We sit at the table eating cake,
he now calls himself my namesake.

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My Namesake

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