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Being Forgotten

tears roll down my cheeks there is so much sadness
so much remorse flows from deep within me
i cant stop this feeling it wont go away
why do i feel this pain and emptiness
i am being forgotten by me

this emptiness makes me want to die
i cant survive in this surrounding it hurts
why do i have this emptiness please make it go away
i dont want to be empty i want to be happy
i am being forgotten by me

i cant remember why i feel this way should i
am i missing something important here what
i just feel something nagging at me what is it
why cant i remember the emptiness is coming back
i am being forgotten by me

they say there is a name for this but i dont remember
theres a lot i dont remember any more
i just dont understand why that should be
i dont like this at all but i cant stop it
i am being forgotten by me

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Being Forgotten