Parking lot confessions

as she smoked her pipe,
stepped out of the Jeep,
and took Katie's hand,
The sun of the day
was lighting up the sign
and Katie wanted to buy donuts
have a good time
but Mommy's been a wreck
this whole disposed week
she walked on in behind
clouding smoke,
staying in her mind
and the clerk walked up to say
Its $2.75
a flashback occurred
to when Katie was born
and that great big prick
who inscribed her,
with his thick,
and left her, gone
For dead
better off, shot in the
head, but theres
a beauty in every life
a 15 minutes of sorts,
when ya tied to a chair
with your veins bulging out
The wraps strapped so tight
it hurts,
but the phone rings
and you have life inside
makes you wanna
be born again

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