My husband will say there there
With his lips in my hair
As he comes into me from behind
To be kind
He'll say there there, it's alright
Morning and night
As he wiggles and flexes and breathes
His love will never leave

In me and behind me in our bed
I swoon all day as his life fills my head
Where my tears are of joy
As I take care of my little boy

Then he comes home to me
Where soft warm kindness can be
And he knows he'll be served
Because he has deserved

It for just putting it in me
Both morning and night
So there's no time to fight
'Cause it calms us down
To be this close with quiet sound

To see how it feels to bond
Morning and night to go on
Inside each other where two become one
Without a goal to come

The effect to feel God's grace
For those few minutes know our place
Is right here after all is said and done
To remind us of the love we've won

Where we feel safe, loving and bound for life
That's what I want when I'm a wife.

cj2/4/2005 1256

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