Wanderlino Arruda

Joy is everywhere in all that sings,
inside colors, inside sounds.
It can be in mountains or plains,
in gardens, on streets and squares,
in schools or offices,
stores and antechambers.
Joy in rhythm exists,
in movement, when the lights are lit,
and also in the blinking lights.
Joy is in the rocking of the sea
and in the way the blossoming young women walk.
We feel the joy of birds in flight
and in songs
and in the breeze that gently passes.
In the innocence of children we feel joy,
and in the wisdom of the old ones.
Joy of the plants during and after the rain,
joy of mountains in the rising sun,
joy of the mother before the joy of her son,
divine joy before the beauty of love,
joy of all before the joy itself.

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