Wanderlino Arruda

To You, Lord,
full of love and light,
in heaven and everywhere,
where Your name is always blessed,
always sanctified,
in constant and eternal goodness.
To You, Lord, we present our prayer:
to deliver Your kingdom of joy
and understanding to us.
Your will be done, not ours,
here, where we are, there where You are
and where we will one day be;
the bread of health,
the disposition to work,
to understand and be understood,
to love and be loved,
give us today and always, Lord.
Although we still walk in sin,
give us Your forgiveness
and teach us how to pardon.
To the child that still exists in each of us,
give, Lord, Your protection.
Free us from evil,
and help us on the road to righteousness.
Only Yours, Lord, only Yours,
is the power,
the kingdom
and the glory forever,
for all time.

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