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It's Been A While

You used to whisper in my ear
You used to tell me everything was okay
You used to kiss away my tear
You used to be interested in my day

You used to beg me to stay on the phone
You used to turn my head and smile
You used to care when I was alone
You used to but it's been a while

The whispers drifted off in the wind's soft blow
Everything became not okay
The tears dropped like the rain with no glow
Lost was the interest in my day

The phone stopped bringing me its hope
My head never turned toward your gentle smile
Those times when I felt alone
You used to be there... but it's been a while

My friend, where are you today?
Your whispers are not reaching my end
Are you off telling another girl it's okay?
Where's the hugs you used to send?

My friend, my heart is cold
What have I done that was so wrong?
My friend, has our relationship been too old?
Tell me - is it I that made you gone?

       ~DaYnA e. 10/?/02

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It`s Been A While