Scheming days

Trying to send a message,
but my bottle got lost
the oceans tide took it
and sent it for others to see
with my little message,
in their unforgiving hands
Using it for the wrong reasons
to catch eyes, of the tramps of the land
the enter the rooms
with half their clothes off
lips bloody red
brunettes washed off
and they say, Mr. Master
feed us our Pills
so It clenches our pain
creating our thrills
and suddenly with a shout
all is come to a halt
The Congress man stares down
topping off the steps
hes gotten black eyes
and stabs to his chest
from Paula his Nurse
who cheated his I.V.
stuffed him in the wrong vein
passed on her disease
and the Congressman's weaker,
than hes ever been befores
hes looking to deaths bed
knocking on the door
and the tramps, they pass on
what they once considered saved
The message of the pills
for the old man to take
And I'm looking on the tube
and cant believe these lies
Paula ant the Congress man
faking the night

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