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When you've eased through your life gently,
Faced every fear but your last,
You can grab the wonder of memory,
Spend quality time in your past.
You can view a life time's faces
Even those gone on before
Who, but for the wonder of memory
You'd not ever see any more.
It's amazing how they never grow older
In memory always the same;
You wonder would they still recognise me
Or even know my name.
There they are at peace
Resting in your mind:
Maybe memory is eternity
Warm and gently kind.
You can review colleagues, friends, lovers
As through a series of cinematic rushes;
See all your adventures, your good times,
Your mistakes and some of your blushes;
Re-visit your special occasions
Of Joy or horror or mirth;
Even those so very personal -
Being there at your baby's birth.
You can go any place you want to
Remove any developer's blight
Ease and shade the memory
Until the image is there just right;
Grab the wonder of memory
Use it whatever you do -
That beautiful gift we all have
But specially made for the you.
So if I'm sat here just smiling
I'm not in my dotage at last
I'm in a place of my choosing
Re-visiting some scenes from my past.

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