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Land's End Quickstep

They blew the dust from the old house
Made it sparkle and shimmer and shine
Threw an open house party night there
Full of company, food and good wine.
Music soared and roared and brought
That old house alive and full of life
And all were invited in there to meet
The new master and his new wife.
They danced that night away in every
Room, and out into the hall and lawn,
Dancing away still as the early bird
Chorus struck up to welcome the dawn.
Friendships were made and cemented
The odd liaison may have started
In those long cheery hours
Before that company parted.
All agreed they'd enjoyed
A spectacularly good night
The new folks would fit
That community just right.
They thought they were in paradise
In their home there at Land's End
The one time Connie Farthing, Miss
And the late Frend, Frend, James Frend.

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Land`s End Quickstep