Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith

A Special Kind Of Love

You ask me why I love you
there should never be no doubts.
We've walked our miles together
in sickness and in health.
When darkness glooms above us
Your sincere manner lets me see--
we'll work things out no matter
what it maybe.

You are a patient, gentle soul,
my lover and my friend--
our love sparkles again and again.
You fill my heart with happiness
in all the things you do.
You're there to embrace me
and kiss away my blues.

I feel your strong energy
working to make our love a success--
how you want everything in our
lives to be illustrious.
I'm glad you're mine to love
and to share a life with you--
God picked you special
because He knew I'd love you too.

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A Special Kind Of Love

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