Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith

No One Knew

We emulate Your walk that dreadful day,
portraying the realness or Your crucifixion.
No one knew the hurt, the pain, the torture,
You endured on their behalf to die
for the sins of mankind
so we could have an eternal life.

No one knew the sorrow You felt
looking into Your Mother's helpless
weeping eyes.  The loneliness You felt
as You laid alone, beaten, stoned,
pierced in the side and crowned
with thorns--
never to utter a word.

No one knew the sadness You felt as You
were betrayed by those You believed in.
No one knew Your feelings as Your dignity
and pride were stripped from You in the crowd.
No one knew Your endurance and ability
to cling to life regardless of the tortures.

No one knew the communications
between You and Your Father.
No one knew Your preparedness
on that day, the goodness You felt
in Your heart, the love You had
for every living person.
No, no one knew, Your true intentions
but You and Your Father.

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No One Knew

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