Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith

The Life She Chose


Her white hair and flowered dress
pokes fun at the sun and trees.
A puffy face,
shakes as she laughs
and swats bees landing on her forehead.
She fans herself with a paper bag,
points a fly swatter as she talks.

Her bare feet, calloused and swollen,
accents steps left in the paths.
She likes working the earth:
breathing fresh air,
the peacefulness of the solitude,
and holds onto the memories past.
This is a life she chose,

it's solitary to the Smokey Mountains,
the place she feels secure and content.
Shades her face with tired hands:
squints at a sliding sun, picks up a water bucket,
saunters down the path to the spring house.
She bends now and then
picking milkweeds from the trail
and disappears into the woods.

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The Life She Chose

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