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Valentine's Day

Valentine's day.
The holiday of
Mangled human emotion.
The holiday for the heart.
And I have just the plan.
To grab a major artery in my chest
And spill the blood of my heart everywhere;
I'd wash the walls with it,
Draw hearts on the hardwood floor with it.
I'd someday like to fall in love,
But I would kill it with my over zealousness.
Or I would just never fall in love.
It don't matter to me.
I care not for flowers and candy and
Stupid heart trinkets that mean about as much
As broken promises.
And the lies then come.
The fiendish lies that
“someday your prince will come”
Or “I promise to call”
That fall on my deaf ears because
I've learned not to trust such eccentricities.
I wasn't raised to be better than that,
For I bought those trademarked valentines,
With Scooby Doo, or Looney Tunes on them
And gave them out to those sh!tty kids
Who made my life hell,
And seldom got any in return.

Happy valentine's day with blood splattered valentine cards,
Thrown upon the fire of resentment.

February 14, 2005

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Valentine`s Day

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