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song of immortality

if there is to be a life after death
then please let mine be
to be grown long and strong
as a broad oak tree
not one from a nursery
grown in serried ranks
but a natural seedling
stood on a grassy bank
maybe in a national park
thrusting roots down deep
for the hundred or so more years
before my maybe final sleep
maybe in the future my children's
children's children may come and climb
up and along my gnarled spreading boughs
none of us aware of the fact that I'm
the remnants of a distant forebear
long gone before in the way of flesh
in nature's cleansing way to allow
for growth that's new and fresh
just a re arrangement of atoms
so that nothing goes to waste
a conservation programme that
moves leisurely and without haste
a type of immortality
as my atoms continue to spread
and remake and reform
long after I am human dead

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song of immortality