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Too late for careful

I'm not going to humor you
By saying
“Oh, I didn't know that,”
Like my intellect is far less superior to yours.

I can't believe you hurt me,
For what? An impression, a
Meaningless imprint on someone's life,
In someone's life,
To make you look decent, right?

That's not fair,
That you treat me like the
Daughter you never wanted,
While giving him the “nearly royal treatment.”
But life isn't meant to be fair.

Why is it that this
Is one of the issues I must overcome in life?
Where are my other hardships
And how will they pale in comparison to this?
Or will they?

I wanted to believe we had
The same life in common,
But that's just the problem.
It's nearly ALL we have in common.

You always have told me
To be careful of inexcusable people.
But why do you say “careful”
When it's too late?

February 22, 2005

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Too late for careful

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