Little bit of Words

Amessage to all the silly lovers....I see you all out there, holding hands, without your rings on, and I do believe its an empty meaning, yall just trying to feel something that ya cant touch. All you gals, like 18-25, or older, you get in these relationships, and it makes ya eat fruit loops, you thinking marriage ahead of time, while your holding hands with a lost little boy, following his hollow casket. Its pointless, theres plenty of good men out there, gals too, whatever puts on the open sign. Play the field, just because you "dating" someone doesn't mean your tied down to the tracks- thats why they have marriage, play around, have a fun time, ya live once- THIS LIFE- once, than you'll probably come back to try and meet your souls mate again, cause you f--ked it up in the previous life, by going out with some looser, while "the One" drifts with the sky, hoping you open your eyes, see em floating down, release your grasping hand absorb them inside, then ya may decide.

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