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Deep Inside

I reach deep in to your human chest
Grab the heart that beats within
Listening to the beats it thumps
To the story it tells of heartfelt remorse
You my friend could be so great
If you just let yourself believe of your true inner fate
You have confident words when we speak
You have a true inner friendship
So don't look so bleak
You are a good person deep within
So, why all this remorse from in your heart?
Why not love and compassion as seen in your eyes?
You are a person of great talent deep within
You just have to take your own hand
And reach deep within
Grab your heart and listen to what it says
For between each beat lies a truth of a man
You can be open to others as to me
Share your friendship with them
Let them know of your confidence
You should be confident in what you sell
And what you sell is in your eyes
Your eyes are the gateway to your inner soul
You soul is of purity in a whole
Just remember you are but human
As us all, but it's what is inside that makes you more
Like me you have a voice of reason
A voice of truth for you speak of it to me
When you speak to me you do not hold back
So why to others emotion do you lack?
Some may harm you but don't get so close
Once you find of true intent and friendship
Then let them in farther,
But till that truth is learned you can still be a friend
Do not let those harm you that are not worth your time
For if they leave they were more sour than a lime
They could not understand nor grasp the true you
So just look deep within my friend
Deep inside you have a loving a brew
Listen to your words and mine alike
Together as friends you'll surely ignite
The fire within you that longs to burn
Will roar like a wildfire,
And friendships and lovers will surely come to explore
You will be happy for once in your life
I swear this to you, take my hand and trust me
I swear things do get better
For I know the truth behind the lies
We all make mistakes as do I,
But to learn from them is what sets you apart
My friend this comes to an end
Take your heart and hold it tight
Show others of your confident life
For if you are confident you will succeed
In anything you try, a win you will indeed.

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Deep Inside



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