Fifth Street Bar

Can you tell me,
how to get to fifth street bar?
Ive heard the gals are lovely there,
that wine flows down the urinals,
when you flush.
Ive heard the bartenders French down your eyes,
while leaving your bone attached
I heard they don't close the shades,
but they don't let the sun shine in
Heard that when theres a argument,
that she turns into a fine dance
Yes, Ive never been to a bar like this,
and never drank a drink like that
been kicked with high heels before,
but with them, it'd be a good time
So give me directions, point me to the clouds,
Dream me a pill,
and feed me fine wine
Each clock Ive seen of late,
been ticking harder at my chest,
and my throat cant understand, why?
I cant spit it back up,
Ive tried it before,
and Ive killed it again , so please
tell me hoe, to get to that bar

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