His voice is on my phone three times now
It leaves me happy listening to it somehow
His touch it's still on my skin
The way he puts his arm around me as I snuggle in
His sight must see how I want to tease
With short skirts on well above my knees
His ears do they really hear
The love and the fear
His smell it's all around me
His warm memories surround me
What a kind, fair man
I love him and he understands
I'm no better, I'm no worse
I'm just a woman who's been cursed
With guys who don't care if I come
With men who left me less than some
He leaves me his wonderous all
His voice, His touch, His sight, His smell, His tall.
Leaves me here in "What can I do?"
Whispers---He's the One , I'll show you.

0900 9/17/04 cj

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