Another decade almost gone
Every year another song
That I will sing out of key
From my soul comes poetry

This year has flowed by so fast
How long can a poet last
Does this eccentric brain go wild
Laughs and cries as though a child

Have a man who's hard to take
By him I do not awake
Lives with another woman away from me
He doesn't ever want to see

His freedom running out the door
As he says he loves me more
Then goes on home to cook a meal
I doubt if he is mine for real

By now, all my kids are grown
Animals and I live alone
The peace is there for me to write
As I stay up alone at night

My favorite time of year is Spring
When this lady's going to sing
It doesn't matter if you hear
My poetry to me is dear

It comes from my deepest place
That only I must alone face
Where words circle my mind forever
Another poet old and clever

She writes herself words that bring her life
She wants to be a good man's wife
And her good man just runs to his town
Leaves her alone as he wants her bound

To him with faithfulness
Has she grown enough to trust
Still a little poet girl inside
At almost 49 still hide

Emotions in my poetry
The only place I'm really free
Where I can say just how I feel
Almost 49, with poetry that's real.

cj 3/8/2005 1905

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