Something To Say

Looking for something to say,
but the mirrors been cracked
continue to age with the days,
and my smile hasn't come back
Just think of a place I can invade
take out my mind, and jot it down
But my pen has run out of ink,
and my eyes just stair at you
Think Ive gotten something to say,
after all these lost years
maybe its better then dead,
pockets influenced by the Devil instead
Know you've been dancing here since,
cause the tapping in my heart hasn't stopped,
and maybe one day you'll answer my call
and voice me the words that I say
I'm running with something to say
Living obstacles that grow in my way
I reach around, to just see you there
you haven't changed, the winds just blowing your hair
Look and reach deep in your soul
A Satellite could not make us closer
just growing apart, with a piece missing
Its when i believe Ive found my way

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