Down A Long Ways

This neck of woods, my body stored
Find it easy, yet peaceful,
simply to be be, but theres a knocking,
and voices penetrate my door, Glorifying
with the trendy times, crop dusting my heart
Like spreading disease, thats already infected

My arm wheres a bruise, I do believe its infected
and she maneuvers inside, where my soul is stored
Its too hard too fight, at ease and peaceful
with the Devil in my pocket, persistently knocking
Filling my head like a donut, seems glorified,
shower top pours the blood from my heart

A thought once occurred, and didn't relate to my heart
running through the fields that my disease has infected
while living off food, where love has been stored,
as a man looks on with his dog at peace.
Wanna invade his world, with my hand knocking,
compared to my way its glorifying

Tack my name to a wall, build me up.. glorified
and bow on down, hands out grasping your hearts
Seems to me, we've all been infected,
by the minds cross the land where grenades are stored
Looking for answers that rest our heads with peace,
while the results cant hear their knocking

Looking through my door stands my lover, eyes knocking
trying to make me a better man, names a glorified
and she screams and washes, racing with her heart
Coulda had me before, now I stand infected,
blistered by bugs, keeping their infants in store,
and I cant find the place that keeps me peaceful

See a distant future, and the verdict is peaceful,
with Angels looking on, and heavens gate knocking
at my always open arms, creating a God... glorified
Taking him, accepting into my heart
and drain out my veins that were once infected
spreading the love, keeping her in store

Its in store, this energy knocking, at
my feet, Glorifying a Lord, and infecting,
his ways in my heart, truly at peace

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