Strapped to a bed,
needles inscribed
called a way
Its named my life,
and politics inject themselves
spreading as my disease
mind now saturated
unable to be free
The doctors, and Nurses
all stopping to stare,
unable to create a solution
to the obvious problem
I haven't gone to school,
I don't read books
but the answers inside of you
If they care to look,
and I'm locked on one channel,
cause the clicker doesn't work
I'm watching Presidents be buried
and congress men look on
Theres a parade in the background
with smiles, painted on clowns
Their polluting the graveyard
knocking at the souls in the ground
and its painful to watch this,
as my food is Ivd,
I wanna get out and help somebody,
but my heart has left me
While the poppy music
outplays itself in the halls,
and the madman next to me
spitting through the hole in the wall,
and Id do anything
to have back my flask
My worlds inside of it
so please give it back

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