Pete's poems from the night.

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Skyward muse.

The shadows lengthen taking me by surprise
Seems an eternity has passed by, staring out
Awaiting stimulation aboard a train of thought
To sweep my aspect to one of inspired look.

A deflated sun skulks away beneath the horizon
Embarrassed for her warm embrace held no sway
Though she leaves a last impression of a fiery sky
Her final attempt before she gathers in the day.

Like ink permeates the water so night draws in
The second act of this long running daily show
Appearing in order the stars of this changing set
Play to this audience of one, legends of long ago.

Seductively Luna enters lighting this great stage
Performing some fan dance from behind the clouds
Forgotten in reverie the search for inspiring words
A mind now dances to where-ever my muse allows.