The Mind Speaks

Bottled up

I procrastinated
too long evidently
that's clear,
every waking hour since
my heart's shed a bloody tear
sincere was my heart
shattered was my mind
unconditional is my love
my strength I couldn't find
I've given so much of
wasn't returned
by the one I love
If you could see inside my heart
you'd see > from you,
I would never have part
I think the world of you
...I'm sure you know
that's why I didn't understand
why you would go
When I think about
the love we shared
my chest tightens
I fight for air
I can hardly breathe
The pain won't go away
it doesn't even lessen
with each passing day
It only feels as though
more time is lost
and each moment
that could be cherished
is what it has cost

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Bottled up

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