Valery Manor

Been called a failure,
rolled with the roads of bars,
my whole life has passed me by,
each morning, blood stained eyes
and every night a new friend,
but she never stays
Her face continues to change,
but her name stays the same
And I tracked myself south,
to find my Georgia gal,
but shes gone grown up,
got her self a future now
Its getting late in the night,
poring shots for my friends
laughing with hands clapping,
as I drink for all of them
And Ive seen the headlines switch,
like the channels that flip,
walk the sidewalks again,
and they reveal an older man
With no room that holds my bed,
and no headstone that shines my name
Ive blown in the wind with these changes,
and now Ive been passed, in the fast lane

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