Pete's poems from the night.

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Second coming.

Ghostly hands hurling sand
A wind howls frustration
Such fury itself expressed
Through a trail of confusion.

Creatures fleeing before chaos
Understand by pure instinct
That of a coming malevolence
To render known life extinct.

This evil zephyr
Searches to reawaken
Long forgotten nightmares
Lost in childish superstition.

As swift to begins so it dies
With an air of satisfaction
For found is the birthplace
Of an evil resurrection.

Now the time is proper
With acceptance of disbelief
The Christians house is falling
Ripe for feeding upon grief.

From Earth's bowels they rise
Original children of darkness
Hands sprout from the sand
Like a black hearted harvest.

Emerging apes of crucifixion
A perversed faith all symbolise
Tasting the air of man
Upon whom they are soon to imbibe.

Words exchanged are unheard
Over shifting grains of sand
Reclaiming subterranean tombs
As these beasts too reclaim the land.

Wise to human weakness
For long have they conversed
With man's dead and buried
Absorbed within the Earth.

A small matter of revenge
Long absent from their palates
Beginnings require an entrance
Only a vengeful deed demonstrates.

A debt to repay in blood
To watchers of their doom
Who with merry celebration
Danced upon the very tombs.

Though ancestors have passed
Descendents shall know pain
Brought about by suffering
Till the last drop of blood to drain.

Encircling the watchers town
A revenge is released
With banshee wails they close
A centuries old vengeance is unleashed.

A market place of interaction
People converse in idle talk
Children play out the day
As lovers hold hands as they walk.

With an ever increasing tide
Screams ebb and flow
As all tranquillity implodes
The smell of death follows.

Wailing a horrid cacophony
As empty sacks are broken
Against walls of contentment
Respect in death a disregarded token.

No witness to warn
Only the erasure of life
All is deathly still and quiet
As a last life expires.

Only eyes of the sated see
Dead eyes reflect a dark sky
Mirrors of emptiness
Without souls so the town dies.

The vampires like morbid statues
Stand as markers of death
The wind swirls amongst them
Carrying the stench of their breath.

They move as automatons
To float away and observe
As the wind reduces the town
Back into the Earth.

Now work begins anew
To reclaim this world
Becoming masters once again
To manage the herd.

A time taken to act upon
The knowledge learnt of man
To lose evil characteristics
So as to proceed an insidious plan.

Studies of the sun and it's fatality
Of symbols and ancient curses
All are scrutinised for cures
Knowledge of such reimburses.

With man's continued path of war
Ever loosening his grip on faith
So opens weakness to be exploited
For when all is ready in place.

Divine is the taste
From a world of misery
The playground of man
To be his reformatory.

Worming through the veins
Feeding man's complacent heart
Finding a way to that void
Of a soul held in disregard.

The dealers of the stack
So sleight of hand
Controlling their game
So beautiful and tanned.

Easily they are praised
Doors open to exploit
Their hedonistic culture
Indulged under red light.

Fetish blood parties ensure
An increasing number of kin
From the bored socialite
To the respected politician.

Of taking blood and conversion
No longer performed the old way
For now feeding is injecting
The icon of man's own decay.

Guardians of insular society
Those who serve and protect
Conceal the missing persons
Ones so homeless and derelict.

Street life becomes polarised
With conspiracies of abduction
Some search to be saved
Others accept deaths seduction.

Above dwell consumer slaves
Following a morality advertised
Carrying out the daily cycle
A one true religion recognised.

A worldwide placed military
To keep all safe and protected
Guarding corridors of moving commodities
Upon which lives are constructed.

The man o war is a vital key
For goals of a global nature
Turn babysitters upon the children
Herding them into a final enclosure.

A patience in calculation
As haste quickens black hearts
An end to all meaning
The cycle of man departs.

The hour strikes a new dawn
As days of man forever sets
Throughout the world begins
Movement of people history will forget.

Say farewell to hate
So long to bigotry
Feelings indulged
Like a pleasantry.

Free of discrimination
For colour does not taint
What flows under skin
Is the only requirement.

Fiction has become fact
Paranoid tales of invasion
From minds in the stars
Forgotten were ancient relations.

The river of understanding
Flowing with human tears
Slavery bestowed upon the weak
Now becomes a worldly fear.

Calling desperately to god
Society dwells in ignorance
Plead why good consumers
Should pay for religious arrogance.

Unfound answers to pleas
Like truths within lies
As life falls into existence
All trust in belief dies.

Some cultures begin anew
Within their imprisonment
While others remember life
Of bordered confinement.

No judgement is passed upon
Man's disrespect for his race
Only curious pleasure taken
Creating equality many chased.

Those of evil disposition
Are recreated in the true vision
Left with all the deathly aspect of
The first ones to this second age of vampirism.

These creations are used in sport
To catch stragglers clinging to freedom
Like kings of old who used the hawk
They hunt the grounds of their kingdom.

Proud structures bereft of life
Once confident in symbolic prowess
A sunset befalls these empty shells
Silhouettes of utter silence.