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Rambling Jack Elliott

I've been listening to my new favourite album
various duets with old rambling jack
and as the music flows round me
forty years roll easily back
to the festival hall in london
to a car with the hood folded down
and sitting posing for his photograph
young rambling jack man about town
It was my first time this far from yorkshire
me and alan came just to hear him sing
after listening to our two albums
now we're talking to the real thing
this man who'd travelled with woody
and sang the night herding song
was talking to me and alan
as though we really belonged

his tribute to dylan is now playing
and no matter how hard I tried
the first time that I listened
I just broke down and cried.
I cried for the  joys of friendships
still strong over all these years
and the joy of rambling jack elliott.
not all tears are bitter tears.

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Rambling Jack Elliott