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Time Traveller

Walking backwards in my memories
Just a  traveller in my own life's days.
Viewing and reviewing, wishing
I could somehow find the ways
To tweak things here,
Change things there,
Alter some whens,
Alter some wheres,
Erase some hurts
Erase some shames
Though I really never ever
Failed to accept my blames.
Precious memories there unfolding.
A collection of favoured film scenes;
Those who were my lovers and
Some who should have been.
Stolen kisses
Stolen huddles
Warm embraces
Hasty cuddles.
My children's laughter, each peal
Recorded, weighed and kept.
Nights watching over them
Nights we never even slept.
Travelling through my memories.
Visiting my past.
Viewing all those faces that helped
Form its cast.
A little sadness here, joy there,
Maybe an odd  jot of regret
Looking happily towards
That still to come yet.

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Time Traveller