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Close Encounter of the unusual kind

I was standing on Albert Dock photographing
The replica of Drake's ship, the Golden Hinde.
It's not anywhere near as big as Noah's Ark
This educated, well spoken, quiet voice
Chimed from somewhere close behind.
I carried on snapping.
You know what they say,
Just politely ignore ‘em
And they might go away.
They've recently found it you know,
Exactly where the Genesis said.
I never like to offend these chaps
So I slightly inclined my head.
It's on Mount Ararat in Turkey;
They spotted it from the air.
Apparently some locals have
Long known that it was there.
He described to me the layout and how
It could house all those differing breeds
Without all the carnivores having
An unplanned and hasty feed.
I listened to him for nearly an hour
Then said, sir I really do have to go,
But thank you for telling me.
I really truly didn't know.
I shook his hand
He shook mine
Back at the car
A parking fine.
Twenty five quid but I suppose
It was really a small price to pay
For what had turned into
A most diverting day.

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Close Encounter of the unusual kind