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Trials & Tribulations

Sitting here thinking
About what to do
My mind starts to wander
And I think about you
I start to think
About the love that we share
And how glad I am
That we became a pair
You'll never know
The depth of my love
It's deeper than the oceans
And the skies about
I want to be with you
Everyday and every hour
The love that I have
Will give you a lot of power
At times I admit
That I doubt the things that you say
It's not that I'm trippin
I just think that way
When we argue I often
Say things that I really don't mean
But you turn around and act as if
You don't love me although it may seem
You mean the world to me
And there is nothing I wouldn't do
But you have to meet me halfway
And prove yourself to be true
You have given me what no man
Has ever given to me throughout my life
All that I want more than
Ever is to be your wife
I want to be the one
That your world revolves around
The beating of my heart
Would now be your sound
I want to be at the top of your list
Everyone else would have to wait
Because I would be the one that you couldn't resist
I want to love you from your toes to your head
I would know for sure
That I am the only one lying in your bed
I don't ask for much, but there is one thing
That I need to know from you
Do you think that you could
Open your life and let me through
Spend more time with me
And let me know often that you care
As you can tell that is something
Coming from you that is rare
You say that you can
Love and satisfy me
But at times, you dog me out
So how can that be
Baby, if you could only feel
What you put me through
You wouldn't wonder
Why I do the things that I do
Remember that special day
Where we made deep passionate love constantly
You brought out the ecstasy
That burned soo deep inside of me
That day I'd done something
That I had never done before
But it didn't matter to me
If it brought you pleasure, I'd do it more
These words alone cannot explain
How I feel nor my true emotions
But writing this poem has helped to get
This off my chest and it should give you some
Type of notion
I love you, Boo…and I don't know
What else to say
You could love me to
If you made more room during the day

12 November 1995
By Skandlouswrds

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