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Pinpricks of stars

The stars are so soft in the sky.
They are just mere pinpricks in the heavens.
In my dreams, they drizzle down on humanity,
But then again, in my dreams,
I can touch Saturn from my backyard.
A hush has begin to fall over me,
And fulfillment has brought a smile upon my face,
The insouciance of others
Cannot reach me now,
Now that I am so far away, maybe
In my own world, but maybe in this one as well.
Just a mélange of anxiety am I.
Everything was bleak, my vision destroyed
Until I thought it best to get back to my reality.
And now I can look to the stars in a better way,
A clearer way, though,
I am still far from okay.

April 11, 2005

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Pinpricks of stars

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