Pete's poems from the night.

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Losing my mortality.

I play with imagined demons
In league with my hate
Revenge sits at my left shoulder
A worlds end could not sate.

Violence moves my hand
Malignance steers a soul
To evil omnipotence
I fear not the heavy toll.

For had I not paid a price?
My heart severed from arteries
While cruel humour existed
Laughing at my mercy pleas.

Mental wounds ever deepened
From struggles against chains
Eyes rolled about my head
In vain attempt to escape pain.

Before me a love lay dying
Raped of beauty and innocence
A corpse I once cherished
Used for evil dalliance.

Falling as chains are loosened
The ground dealt me a harsh blow
A vicious kick reeled me over
To look upon faces I had known.

A completion of such torture
All the colours of my memory
Like a smudged wet painting
Merging till I could no longer see.

Many days I lay as a dead man
Without will without purpose
Till what was left within me
Sparked life into this corpse.

In time I learned to crawl
Feeding upon vermin I portrayed
After faltered step I learned to walk
Toward an assured vengeful day.

Wandering about castle chambers
In perpetual darkness I thought
While outside of consuming revenge
My body became twisted and taut.

Stumbling into a heavy door
Curiosity struggled for my attention
Screaming in agony as hinges groaned
I staggered away to within my dark haven.

Upon all fours I stared into nothing
Unable to comprehend what I had become
Cold sweat enraged my skin like fire
Tears burnt my eyes in recalling a kinder sun.

In the gloom a servant answered my scream
Reaching out to comfort my anxiety
With unknown instinct I seized both arms
Drawing him close to feverishly feed.

Abruptly ceasing I threw away the corpse
In rejection of something grotesque and foul
I felt the warm blood run from my mouth
As frenzied thoughts formed a grasping howl.

Against captive walls I shattered objects
Visualising faces of those embroiled in my doom
As rage violently coursed through my entirety
Destiny to ruination was born in that room.

Donned in blackest armour reflecting my soul
I kneel upon the floor of a defunct chapel
Ignoring the trinkets of a powerless religion
My minds eye looks to faith in reprisal.

The cold steel of a sword is the medium
For deliverance of conviction in retribution
I set to the torch all that may burn
For destruction is my escape from this prison.

Looking upon a place I endeared to call home
Heat from which emits a warmth I no longer feel
A thunderous roar hails the consumption of a past
I turn my back to and smile for the pain I conceal.

The fires glow dims as I near my fate
Though infernal rage thrives within
Upon reaching the castle of my destiny
I pause to muse of a person once human.

Shattering into a million splinters
The gates yield with no resistance
Sweeping my sword I dispatch the fools
Who would dare to hinder my advance.

An archers arrow punctures my chest
I wince from pain that fails to come forth
Smiling I let fly a lance impaling his head
Admiring the shot as he hangs from a support.

I swing three times a horse above my head
It's neighs cease upon impact of a wooden door
From this opening gusts a chill air of fear
For those within know I am their executioner.

Like berated servants apologetic in movement
So pitifully small where once they seemed tall
Pointing to one of the three sibling brothers
I beckon to my feet with a command to crawl.

Reaching down I draw him up by his head
Offering a greeting as I stare into dead eyes
I twist round his face for the others to see
As I return a suffering till his skull subsides.

Crazed pleas of forgiveness turns my nose
As bowels relax to confirm their horror
Cleaning my hands in slow deliberate licks
Eyeing each brother coldly one to another.

Pleading for their lives with each others
With rewards of such beyond my dreams
Though now a luxury I treasure no more
I lop the head of one as the other screams.

A madness befalls his face as I look upon it
For all reason has fled from comprehension
'I was once where you are now' I say
'However I shall mete out complete destruction.'

Placing my hands upon his face I begin
Bones crack and twist under my fingers roam
All my agonised memories flow deforming bone
He grabs my arm to assist in a last groan.

I stumble away exhausted in sated revenge
Collapsed upon an upended flagstone I await pity
Searching the night sky for my deliverance
Longing in return to my love of restored memory.

Alone I am from search of vengeance
For peace in death I desired so abandoned me
Realising a price paid like a consuming wave
Too late to recognise in losing my mortality.