I tried but I failed!

I tried but I failed and I failed when I tried,
I guess I was trying too much.
I sought but was lost, was lost but not found,
while searching for His loving touch.

How could I lose? Yet I lost just the same,
by trying too hard to win.
I ran like the wind, as fast as I could;
Surely striving is not a sin?

But I tripped and I fell, fell short of the line,
My confidence way too high.
I had run too hard, should have paced myself,
Was this my last goodbye?

I was given a chance in another race,
to rectify my wrong.
I ran in a way where I couldn't lose,
Although the race was long.

Remember this, don't ever give up,
When into a pit you fall.
There's a gentle voice will reach out to you;
Listen and heed His call.

Copyright 2004 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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I tried but I failed!

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