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Water Wars iv -Sitrep 7/23

United Nationals Pacification Corps
African Continental Drought Line
Year Day 100 -81
Millennium 2 point 4 -3 - 9
In the Eighth long hot year of
This seemingly endless drought
The thirst frantic inhabitants
Have finally broken out
Of  RefConCamp One-Sudan
Through the broken fence lines
Completely ignoring the warnings
Of the Neural Deterrence Mines
There is a background noise
Of pained wails and squeals
But they all know probed
Nerves very soon heal
They are desperate for water
After months of strict portions
Though they all should know
Each strictly gets their ration.
I can understand the anger as they
See the luxurious verdant green
Of the irrigated crops behind
Their protective forcefield screen
We are fighting famine we are fighting thirst
In this desperately dry and starving land
But when you live at just subsistence
I guess it's really hard to understand
We must have more water
To make those crops grow
So slowly but eventually
This famine will go
Their advance seems to have ended
Pinned down behind our neural fence
A few dry hours in this sun
And they will hopefully
See a little sense.
Oh lord this really is a struggle
A desperately hard survival race
This report is now ending
For transmission back to base

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Water Wars iv -Sitrep 7/23