At times,
Down on myself
My feelings are
There being stupidly
Expressed because no
One really gives a damn
About anger, joy, sadness
Or what's in a soul.

At times,
I am dumb and forget
Not to think
As I sit here in the sunrise
That turns black to gray fog
Because a soul isn't
Tangible enough
For most.

At times,
In the pit of my ignorance
I want to die
Where the thoughts will
Stop and free form
Spirit will soar over the
Existence of body
With an angel's grace
Because of this
Stupid poetry I
Have to live.

At times,
Find myself praying
You forgive me for all
My transgressions as
Though my God does
Then I realize I am
Stupid because you
Are my man
An extension of my God
In the most
Beautiful human form.

11/12/2004 0723 cj

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