You have what I need
Inside of you a growing seed
I've watered it to make it grow
It's had the sun to melt the snow

And the cold is here again
Because I write too much my friend
About a place in me that's snowing
Your seed of love was not growing

It's hard hull cannot break free
From the ground planted in me
It's too cold there's no sunlight
Because I'm too bold and you're too right

Your seed's infertile it can't break out
So I write poetry that let's you see I pout
And the tears will fall all spring
All summer too if you can't bring

Me a flower growing tall and red
'Cause I'm in love with you in my bed
And my garden's full of dirt
'Cause you won't let go of her and stop my hurt.

4/16/2005 1600 cj

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