His last name is Sadler
And he tells me of saddle makers
While he still lives with her
His giver and taker

He gives her money
And his home life
While he won't call me honey
And make me his wife

I've been upset for weeks
And he doesn't care
While my soul seeks
That he be right here

But I'm not good enough
And neither is my way of living
So this filly's been tough
With the words she's been giving

Makes me feel like a jerk
My jealous concerns
As he says we won't work
Still my passion for him burns

God willing
He'll get out of my mind
To start healing
From his taste of divine

Because this horse is ridden bareback
While your saddled mare carries you
She's just an attack
On my love that is true

She squeezes between us
She takes my love away
With her there's no fuss
But dearly you pay

By bonding with her
At her house in her town
So have what you two were
'Fore I came around

With my galloping stride
And my spirit of fires
Take her for a ride
'Fore the old nag expires

Give up your fast riding
And turn me away
'Cause I'll be found hiding
Bareback in the hay.

4/17/2005 1503 cj

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