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Her husband was away with his mates,
One of their longstanding dates,
A night full of sup
Then to Wembley for t'cup;
She was going to be alright
She'd arranged for her night.
Her kids were asleep up above
As she waited for passionate love.

He was only a middle aged bloke
So she thought it no type of joke
That he didn't make love, no instead
He gave her a kiss and dropped dead.
He just upped and away he just went
Leaving her passion unspent
And trying to think what to say
To explain his body away,

And why it was dressed
In just a long string vest,
Or why he was lying on the floor
Just outside her bedroom door.
And of course it was far too late
To go out for a pint with her mates.
She gave the body one last sad glance
Then went and phoned for an ambulance.

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