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~Captain William Kidd~
(Narrative )

Once a long time ago there was a great Scottish pirate
And his name was Captain William Kidd,
Legend has it that he was fearless and he couldn't wait
To get his hands full in all the loot, somewhere he's hid.

King William of England praised him the highest, first-rate
And said "My dear Captain Kidd, he's the best and he's so great"
Of course he did everything the King told him to do and it was agreed
And gave him more honors and ships, for piracy to lead.

History and legend portrays him often as bloody and ruthless,
But I think that maybe that wasn't all true
Of course he sank many ships and their loots he did seize;
And many of his foes finally with his sword he also slew.

Captain Kidd! Captain Kidd!
Where are all the charts that you drew, and all the loot that you've stole?
Captain Kidd! Captain Kidd!
You'd sailed away so many times, in victory with all that gold.

Captain Kidd! Captain Kidd!
You're in big trouble, where's that treasured Island that you've drew?
Captain Kidd! Captain Kidd!
Your crew sailed without you and that made you so blue.

Captain Kidd! Captain Kidd!
Sail Away! Sail Away! Sail Away!
Before they  come back, and do away with your head, Captain Kidd
Sail away! Sail Away! make it quick, and just sail away.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

Author's notes:

Captain William Kidd (c. 22 January 1645 23 May 1701)
He was a Scottish sailor who was tried and executed for piracy.

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