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My man made me a CD
I had to ask for it
Want him to feel free
To let me learn to know it

The music that moves his soul
All the stuff that starts an erection
Anything to teach me rock and roll
Because my "all" is his affection

He knows I'm wound up tight
Listening to what's top on MTV
This song is now so right
It's like a jazzy peace for me

Does he think about lines
Do the words mean anything
Are any songs so divine
That a taste of heaven they bring

If I read the happiness there
Like in the song "Hold on Tight"
Do I take it literally that he does care
Can I believe it's gonna be alright

Is it true my lips he owns
Another man better not be kissing
As this song repeats and groans
Hold on tight or I'll be missing

That he loves me so
Is that what he's trying to say
I'll take it literally you know
Holding on so tight he cannot break away

What a dream coming true
If this "Grateful Dead" song played his thought
Sweet reality being free to love you
Hold on tight if he wants me to be caught.

11/5/2004 0157 cj

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