Into thought
Forever caught
In early morning MTV
The music frees me
To live
To love to give
To you
To whom I'm true
What does it mean
Living your scene
Doing your work
Where you have lurked
For 11 years
Without the fears
Of not being good enough
While really I'm real and so tough
That's why dance
Has me jumping in my pants
Moving 'cross the floor
Smiling evermore
The wood of it gives
As this girl lives
Her simple life
Today without the strife
Of passing pills
Taking care of ills
Wherein I free my mind
Go to a world of kind
Where you're my only client
And I am defiant
To the rest of life
Just your pretend wife
Freeing this mind good
Being all I could
Flying fear
Away from here
Where words roll around
And put me down
But today they will be gone
To free my mind and write your song.

11/22/2004 0809 cj

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