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The whales of the universe are on their perpetual run
Swimming  under winds from a billion different suns
Basking in the shallows, breaching in the sounds
Constantly following their unremitting rounds.
Here a star turns novas, there one slowly implodes,
A very close encounter with a sudden spatial node:
Black holes, wormholes, mean nothing to the whale
Steadily proceeding in their own space time scale,
Giving this creation their own peculiar song
Herd to herd speaking all the multiverse long,
Accompanied by the present but fading hiss
That confirms that from chaos sprang all this
Galaxies form, stars rise, burn and fail
Nothing of interest to the great whales
Creatures of energy sampling the galactic waste
Progressing majestically without any haste
Incapable of interest as galaxies form, rise, fall
The ever present whales slide through all
Circling all creations in a  perpetually changing run
Swimming  under winds from a billion different suns.

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