Dog ends Aprils days

I killed myself yesterday,
arose in the morning with thoughts of change
thought about the smell death brings,
eating pills, till the phone rings
Its quarter past, and Ive lost my head
rain falls outside, and in as well
cant see the shadows behind the corner
hiding, waiting for the opportune time
cant pull a uey on 95 south,
theres no turn around sign,
Its crossing a bridge,
Ive never intended to cross
Its pulling the plug,
because the connections been lost
The world from above
looks empty indeed
I cant feel any love,
and they've drained it from me
So I decided to play
like theirs a better days
drop to my knees, maybe pray
and no one listens to me
but Ill carry on,
to keep you strong,
flash a lite inside
passed away,
only for the night

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