Where ever you're from
Whatever you do
I'm a poetry bum
And my words are all true

So if you're offended
Get off my website
'Cause my words won't be rescinded
If you don't think they're right

What matters is the tune
That plays in my heart
You might think I'm a loon
When I know I'm smart

Or you can bet in my real life
That I wouldn't be
A nurse who wants to be a wife
To a guy named Mikey

Now Michael you might know
Some of these words are for him
How I love him so
Even if he thinks I'm a whim

And my poetry
Is my way to get out
These feelings inside me
Where I could pout

Or I can express desires
Even loving kindness to God
My jealousy can be on fire
My words may be odd

But I am proud to write
The passion within
And you'd know I'm alright
If you were a real friend

So give me your feedback
And give me your votes
My thoughts don't attack
Until I read the poetry you wrote

Because our true songs
Are difficult to express
So don't convict me of wrongs
You're one of my heartune guests.

4/26/05 1807 cj

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