I like
The way
One day
I asked him for advice
He was nice
As someone said
What's in your head?
You're the nurse
What's worse
I hadn't been there long
And in his eyes a song
I thought I saw a hint
With time spent
Perhaps he would ask
Me to grasp
What makes him live
Then I could give
Away to him my words
Maybe be heard
Feel those big arms
And all the charms
Of those blue eyes
Touching my thighs
With more than sight
Next to my skin at night
So long ago
I grew to know
How you could be
'Cause I could see
Into your soul
As your work role
Lead me to love you
For what you do
For being a good man
My heart it planned
To slowly look
Until you took
My breath away
With those blue eyes
And what they say.

9/7/04 2353 cj

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